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So you’ve got you’re fabulous new website refreshed and launched. But what good is that new design if no one knows about it right? You can have the best website in the world but without visitors and traffic, it’s not very useful for your business.

If you’re stuck and can’t seem to come up with any ideas on how to drive traffic to your new internet home have no fear. I’ve come up with 15 ways to help you drive traffic to your new site.

Write blog articles and share them on social media

If you don’t have an Instagram or Facebook page set up for your business get started right now. Social media is overflowing with your ideal customers and it’s important you get your content in front of them and start building up your audience through your social media channels. Write some blog articles and share the articles on your social media pages to drive traffic back to your website.

Add your website link to your social media accounts

Adding onto the point above – it’s important that when you set up your social media accounts that your throughly fill out your profile and add your website link to your profile. When visitors go to your business pages your website link will be front and centre.

Submit a story or press release to top blogs in your city

If you’re in Toronto for example top blogs like BlogTo and Narcity are always looking for interesting content and businesses to spotlight. Are you the first person of colour to open up a certain type of business in your city? Or maybe you’re known to have the best ice cream in the city. These blogs get thousands of visitors everyday. Go to their contact pages and submit a story about your business. You could get featured on their blogs and have them link to your website.

Put your website on your business card

Get new business cards printed with your new website address and hand them out at networking events.

Add your website address to your company vehicle

The back window or side of your company vehicle are perfect places. These are highly visible locations that people notice.

Send an email to your customers through email

If you’re having an upcoming sale send an email to your customers that promotes the sale.

Give away promotional items with your website address

Promotional items can include pens, pencil cases, phone pops, mouse pads, t-shirts etc. The list goes on. Give them away to customers for free and promote your new website at the same time.

Add your website to your voicemail message

When customers call you and get forwarded to voicemail share your website address with them! Let people know that they can get more information, purchase products and submit tickets through your website.

Optimize your site for SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the practice of increasing traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It involves optimizing your website and its pages so that when people search for the services and products that you offer – they can find you. You should pay special attention to things like page titles, meta descriptions, internal linking, alternative text for your images and a number of other things. They all work together to increase your visibility in search engines when your ideal customers are searching.

Set up a Google My Business listing

Setting up a Google Business Profile account and getting your business listed is super important and helpful for local SEO. It allows you to gain more visibility by Google when people are searching for the services that you offer in your area. Add your website to your listing to let people know you have a website.

Promote your website in your email signature

Add your website address to to bottom of your emails in the signature. Every time you send an email people will see it.

Run a contest

Running a contest is beneficial for two reasons. Customers will have to give you their information in order to enter the contest and also interact with the website. You get to add their information to your customer database and also get traffic to your site.

Write a guest blog post for another website

This is a great way to position yourself as an expert and also drive traffic from more popular websites back to your own. Look for a popular website that’s in a complimentary industry and write an interesting guest blog post. At the bottom of the post you can have a short bio written about you and have a link back to your website.

Be a guest on a podcast

This is similar to writing a guest blog post above. Reach out to podcasts that you like and think would compliment your services and ask to be a guest. This will help to build up your reputation and present you as an expert. You will have an opportunity to tell people where to go for more information and where they can find you which is the perfect opportunity to promote your website.

Network and tell people

Good old fashioned networking is always a good idea. Go to networking events (online and offline), introduce yourself and talk about your business. Be sure to let people know that they can go to your website to learn more about you and the products or services you offer.

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