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Updated on January 26, 2023

We are cost-effective

Smaller boutique web agencies are generally cheaper than big agencies and can provide a better ROI. Most operate from a virtual office, home office, or coworking space so overheads are smaller than that of big agencies. This means you’re only paying for the services provided to you and not for the expensive building, a big team, and all the other fees that big agencies factor into the cost of their services.

You know exactly who is working for you

When working with a big agency you don’t always know who is working on your account because they’re not always transparent with this information. With smaller boutique agencies you know exactly who is handling your work. This is big for transparency, provides more peace of mind and makes it easier for you to give feedback and be more involved in your project.

We are flexible

If you’re looking to do project-based work or have a task to do with a tight turnaround time then smaller agencies are the way to go. Without the restraints of big overheads, we’re often more flexible. Normally we quote by the project and it’s much easier for us to handle smaller tasks or projects with shorter notice.

You are #1

Our clients are the bread and butter of our business. You’re not just another number and this means you get to be the “flagship client”. Big marketing agencies measure themselves by the budgets of their clients and can have a large variety of projects going on at any given time. This may sometimes leave you feeling ignored. You need to feel important and get treated as such.

We are efficient

You’re communicating with the person who is directly doing the work for you so emails get answered quicker and projects get started faster. Communication is more transparent and direct. Large marketing agencies have account managers that facilitate communication and your requests might need to be filtered through multiple people before reaching the person actually doing the work for your project. There’s just a lot less red tape with smaller agencies. If you’re a growing business and need help with a web project then a smaller boutique web agency can get the work done efficiently and quickly.

We focus on results

The truth is smaller agencies have a lot more to lose if we mess things up. We have to make sure that we’re producing results for our clients and we take this very seriously. We also understand and value how important the bottom line is for you. We want to see you win and will do what it takes to make sure you’re achieving your goals and getting results!

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