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Take a break

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The thought of separating ourselves from our computers and phones can seem impossible and downright even scary for some people – especially those of us whose livelihood depends on the internet *ahem Developers*. I get it – we work with technology every day and there are very few areas in our lives not affected by it. Slack notifications on our phones tell us when a team member has sent a message, we correspond through email for just about everything relating to business these days and we use YouTube for learning and entertainment. Trust me, I get it. But here’s the thing the more I learn and become involved in the internet world the more I feel like we should  be open to taking scheduled breaks from all the technology around us.

The thing is technology is non stop. It’s always on and we’re always connected. It’s overwhelming at times and the need to constantly keep up with emails,  messages and app updates is endless. All of this can become really exhausting and sometimes you begin to wonder if you can really keep up. I know I have.

There are downsides to being overconnected. Special moments with your friends and family get interrupted and you become more easily agitated when things take too long. You can also miss out on the spontaneous happy surprises that come with relaxing with your thoughts. Stillness is still a thing, well I think it should be anyway.

What if for 24 hours, you put the phone on silent (or even turned it off), avoided the laptop, and decided to step away from binging movies? If a full day is too much, how about half a day?

Let’s disconnect for awhile and watch the world around us become more interesting.

Let’s take a break.

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