Client Overview

The Black CARE Network advocates for Black children and their communities in the Canadian CARE system. They are a hub for connection and collaborate on planning, events, workshops, and a number of other advocacy and community events centered around their mission.

Services Provided

  • Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Migration
  • Branding
  • Website Accessibility
  • The Challenge and Goals

    The Black CARE Network (BCN) started off as the Child and Youth Care Alliance for Racial Equity (C.A.R.E).

    BCN was going through an organizational restructure and was starting over as a separate unit from C.A.R.E. and wanted to develop a new brand identity and website to reflect that change. They also wanted to move away from their original out-of-the-box website solution on Squarespace which was being underutilized to build out a new website that includes a resource library of social service resources geared towards the community they serve.

    Our Process & Approach

    Our process began with an initial meeting to determine the project needs for BCN. We also supported them with clarifying and outlining their project goals as this was not very clear initially.

    By closely consulting with BCN in the beginning we made sure that we thoroughly understood their needs and project requirements to ensure the working relationship was a good fit.

    We created a strategy for the website that outlined BCN's navigation elements, information architecture, main CTA's and the backend requirements for the resource library.

    Kaylo Digital created wireframes that acted as blueprints for key page layouts and components on the website. This allowed the client to see and understand the structural layout for key pages.

    We also designed high-fidelity mockups that created a visual representation of key pages to show what the new website would look like.

    Development & Migration
    Once the design was agreed upon and signed off the build out the new website to reflect the mockups in line with the organization's new branding. We also migrated the domain from their old Squarespace website over to their new website under a new host.

    Once the website was completed we did a training session with their web team to ensure that they feel comfortable and know how to make basic updates to their website moving forward.

    We continue to support BCN with the maintenance of their website.

    Logos redesigned for the Black CARE Network website redesign and branding project.
    The Black CARE Network's new redesigned logo and branding applied to mockup posters showing a person on the street walking by the posters in Toronto.
    In browser mockup of the new website for The Black CARE Network website redesign.
    Full page mockup of The Black CARE Network website redesign.

    The Solution

    New Brand
    The new branding achieved the goal of providing a visually appealing refresh of their brand and their new organization name.

    New Website
    Their new website clearly shows who they are and their work, has clear navigation and content structure, and focuses on driving users to visit and use their resource library. Also, the new website, built on WordPress, can seamlessly sync with future marketing tools and can be easily managed by the BCN team in the backend.

    Key Results

  • A newly refreshed professional brand that reflects their new name
  • A new website that is accessible and matches their new branding
  • Digital resource library that allows visitors to filter and search for community resources
  • Easy to maintain in the backend moving forward by the BCN team
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