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The essential roles and responsibilities that you should include to make your website redesign project a success

Redesigning your website is a big job with a lot of moving parts. It’s important to make sure that the right people are involved from the beginning so you can have the best new website possible that appeals to and serves the needs of the entire organization.

At the beginning of your project these are the key people that should be involved in your website redesign project:

Project Lead

You should always assign a key person to lead the project. Ultimately they will be responsible for delivering the project. They will be the main point of contact for the project and will work with your chosen web agency. They are going to be planning the content, pulling together the pictures and videos, meeting with the internal teams, project managing internally, etc.

Tip: Consider assigning a backup project lead in case the main project lead is away. This way the project can continue to move along when they are absent.

Some things to consider when choosing the project lead are:

  • They have the time and capacity to make the project a priority
  • They understand the brand and business well
  • They have the ability to rally other folks to get things going in the beginning and keep things moving along during the different phases of the project
  • They can project manage internally and communicate effectively with the internal team about what’s going on.
  • Ideally, they have at least some decision-making power if needed

Support Experts

These are the people that are going to be working a lot with the project lead to provide them with the content that they need. They’re going to be planning the content, pulling together the pictures and videos, providing subject matter expertise, etc.


These are people like the Founder, board members, marketing head, etc. They hold power in the final approval of the website project. Often they have the big picture strategic view and understand the important role that the website plays in the organizations digital strategy. If they don’t like something – it has an impact! It’s very important that they are involved.

Employees and Partners

These are the other people that are involved in and connected to the business that should be informed about the project (or at the very least get updates on key milestones). They could be employees, partners, and donors etc. They might not be directly involved in the project but inviting them into the conversation will make them feel respected and included and get you further buy-in for the new website. They can also provide valuable feedback on content structure (such as how easy or hard it is to find current information), user experience (such as how current customers are using the website), and visual design (such as how the current design makes them feel and whether or not it looks professional).

In Closing

We don’t work in silos and you shouldn’t approach your website redesign in a silo either. Involve everyone and make sure you meet with all the necessary stakeholders to clarify their expectations and needs and what benefits they’re looking to get out of the new website.

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