Web agency social responsibility examples collage

We care about more than the bottom line.

Work needs to get done and doing good work is important. But what you do beyond the work also matters and we take this seriously.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align ourselves with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. More specifically goal #10 – Reduced Inequalities. This is mostly through the website accessibility work that we do to ensure everyone (regardless of their abilities or disabilities) can have an equal experience when visiting our website and on our client websites.

We care about digital sustainability

We try our best to choose environmentally friendly and sustainability conscious services, tools and brands for the agency where possible. For example, our web host is committed to following sustainable best practices and even produces an environmental sustainability report each year!

We volunteer our time

Our Founder, Shanakay, volunteers her time to mentoring and teaching occasional workshops. She is an alumni of Humber College’s Web Development program and occasionally contributes back as a guest speaker and mentor.

We are inclusive

All are welcome here on our team and we love working with a diverse range of clients. Read our diversity and inclusion statement to learn more about our commitment to inclusion.