Make your website ACA, AODA, ADA and WCAG Compliant.

Make your website ACA, AODA, ADA and WCAG Compliant.

Website Accessibility Services

Website Accessibility Services2023-05-11T22:34:26-04:00

You do good work and your making an impact. But your website might be frustrating and excluding those with disabilities. We can help you improve your website’s accessibility.

You’re doing amazing work in the world. The work that you do creates meaningful impact and may even change lives. We know that the work to make your website accessible is both time consuming and can be tricky to know what to do right (there are so many rules). Let us take the pressure off and do the work for you.

Make your website accessible for all.

It’s the right thing to do.

What the heck is website accessibility?

Website accessibility involves creating websites so that people with disabilities can use them. It’s about removing barriers and allowing all users to have the ability to find and get the information they need when they visit your website.

When a website is accessible it’s easier for people with disabilities to navigate, understand, and interact with the content.

Accessibility is a smart business move. And for some businesses it’s actually required (learn about the AODA website accessibility rules for Ontario businesses).

The Accessible Canada Act (ACA), Accessibility for Ontarions with Disabilities Act (AODA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) rules are more than just a list of things that you need to check off for your website to be considered compliant. It requires a good grasp of the requirements, the expertise and often deep, meticulous and thorough work and testing to do it right.

It’s one of the best insurance policies for your business!

Does my website have to be accessible?

This depends. In Canada, different provinces have different compliance rules, For example Ontario’s web accessibility compliance rules are based on the type and size of he organization.

Aside from the compliance rules, web accessibility is the right thing to do regardless of the type or size of a business.Web accessibility is becoming an increasing concern and it’s not unlikely that it will be required for all websites in the future. Get compliant now and save yourself the trouble.

Services We Provide

We do website accessibility audits, remediate accessibility issues, implement accessibility features and provide guidance on how to make your website more accessible.

  • Website Accessibility Audits

  • Website Accessibility Remediation

  • Website Accessibility Consulting

Web Accessibility Remediation Support

Our web accessibility remediation solutions include the following:

  • Website Content Adjustments
  • Color Contrast Adjustments
  • Navigation Adjustments
  • Monthly Compliance Auditing
  • Form Fixes
  • Custom Website Content Guides
Older senior woman with grey hair wearing a blue shirt looking at text from a website on her iPad.
A disabled woman with a prosthetic hand sitting and smiling in a coffee shop while holding a cup of coffee.

6.2 million Canadians have a disability.That’s 22% of the population.

Similarly 26% of adults in the United Stated have a disability. That’s 1 in 4 people.

Millions of people use the internet everyday to search for information, access services and buy products. These same people are potentially looking for the services that you provide.

When your website is accessible you lessen the chances of alienating and frustrating these users. You also have a competitive advantage over other businesses and get to serve and reach more customers, donors and volunteers.

*Stats pulled from Statistics Canada and the CDC.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Your most common questions answered by us.

How can I check if my website is ACA, AODA, ADA or WCAG compliant?2023-04-28T10:54:45-04:00

While there are a number of self-checker tools available in the market we suggest working with a professional company like our agency to check. We offer website audit services where we do a thorough analysis of your website and provide you with a report of the findings.

What does it cost to get my website ACA, AODA, ADA & WCAG compliant?2023-04-28T10:54:06-04:00

It depends. We know it’s an annoying answer but the cost to do an audit and get your website compliant is based on a number of factors including the size and nature of your business or organization, the number of pages that need to be audited, and the scope of work for what needs to be fixed.

Will I have to redesign my website to make it accessible?2023-04-28T10:42:20-04:00

No, it’s rare that you will have to do this. We can work with your current web design and development setup as needed.

Interesting Fact 🤔

Did you know that Beyonce’s company Parkwood Entertainment got sued because her website wasn’t accessible? Yes it happened to her! We say if it can happen to Beyonce, then it could happen to you too! ( We love you B

Woman in a wheelchair sitting at a desk while doing a presentation on website accessibility and waving and smiling at her computer.

Kaylo Digital can help you improve your website’s accessibility.

Give all your website visitors an equal chance to experience and use your website in a non frustrating way.

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