Representation Matters

We are a Black-Owned and Women-Led Web Design Agency

Kaylo Digital is a web design and development agency located in Cobourg, Ontario – just 1 hour east of Toronto. We love designing, building and supporting websites and brands to help growing service-based businesses, non-profits and social impact organizations flourish and do good in the world.

As a Black-owned and women-led web design and development agency we are a few among many. While we say no to tokenism we understand the power of representation and how important it is.

When you choose to work with us you are making an intentional choice and one that can speak volumes. A choice that shows your commitment to professional expertise, diversity, representation, women -owned businesses and broader social justice.

Black woman looks at the camera while her other web design team members from a Black owned web design agency talk and smile with a potential client for a website redesign project.

Benefits of partnering with a Black-owned web agency 👇🏾

Fresh perspectives and ideas

We live in a diverse world, and working with a Black-owned web design agency can help to ensure that your website reflects our diverse perspectives and experiences. Diverse teams can bring fresh ideas, creativity and innovation to your website project.

Understanding of your audience

Web agencies that have diverse teams can provide deep insight and have the cultural understanding of certain audiences that can benefit your website project. A team of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences can bring unique perspectives that can help you connect with a broader range of people – particularly if your target audience has similar backgrounds and experiences.

Support underserved communities

By working with a black-owned women-led web design agency, you are helping to support black women entrepreneurs. Being intentional about where you spend your money to support small and growing businesses in diverse and underserved communities helps to promote economic empowerment and more opportunities for businesses in these communities.

Remove biases

We firmly understand the value and importance of having a diverse inclusive lens throughout the work that we do. Throughout our process we are always thinking of how to ensure that your customers feel included and represented. We aim to remove biases and assumptions, not create them. Learn about our commitment to diversity.

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